Who is Kevin Samuels? And Why Is He Important to the Black Community?


My introduction to Kevin Samuels was in the summer of 2020, around June or July. I had been in and out of a toxic relationship with a young woman that I had very strong feelings for. I’d be on YouTube searching up and binge watching all different types of videos that could possibly help with our situation. Especially videos that I could send to her to help her understand her part of the damage that’s being done within the relationship.

One day a video with an interesting topic came up in my recommendations. “Men Should Pay for Everything”. I was immediately triggered by the title considering that half of what I was dealing with in my relationship was due to financial issues.

The last thing that I needed floating around the internet was another popular content creator, a black man at that, drilling in the message that a black man is not worthy of his woman if he isn’t able to support her financially.

Since I always knew that as a man, I should indeed be a provider for my woman and my family, I knew that I needed to hear the message and whatever knowledge and information that I could gain from it, so I clicked on the video.

I honestly do not recall what my exact feelings were when I started watching the video, but regardless of those feelings, like many other people have expressed after they’ve began watching Kevin’s content, I was immediately hooked.

You’re easily drawn into what seems to be a high level of expertise on the topics at hand, along with valid talking points that are delivered in a raw yet clever and unorthodox fashion. It didn’t take long for me to understand that I was watching a very confident, intelligent, assertive, and educated black man, that seemed passionate about his people and what he was doing and he held no punches in the process.

He’s different than most of the ‘relationship coaches’ and ‘experts’ that you would find on YouTube and other platforms. Aside from his uncanny ability to break down and communicate his perspective on a topic while giving advice , he doesn’t just give advice to the viewers watching, but is also open to give advice, and constructive criticism to any person that wants to call into the show and engage in conversation.

He also allows his detractors and people that oppose his message to voice their opposing views if they want to call in and challenge his approach on dating and marriage. Something that most relationship based content creators on YouTube and other online platforms do not do.

The opportunity to call into his show comes with rules though. The first rule is, you have to be nice to him, and he’ll in return be nice to you. Callers are allowed to call in and address the topic of the show and voice their opinions, but they have to be respectful towards the host and his platform.

Second rule is, you can’t talk over the host. Regardless of what you have to say, attempting to yell over the host or speak when he’s speaking is a no-go, and breaking those rules come with a price.

He can go from 0 to 100 real quick. It’s up to you, if you want to get life or dating advice from the educated, well spoken, respectable image consultant and life coach, or get shut down and maybe even cursed out by the seemingly arrogant Oklahoma native, who’s very familiar with hood lingo, it’s your choice. Either way you will most definitely be addressed accordingly.

The Oklahoma native who at one point, had worked his way up the corporate ladder in a sales career after college and several odd jobs, eventually established himself as a professional men’s corporate and image consultant, and a life coach.

Samuels eventually migrated to the YouTube business world in early 2016, where he was reviewing men’s designer fragrances. Not long after starting his page Samuels started making videos that would give dating tips, primarily to men, while he was still reviewing men’s fragrances.

It wasn’t until early 2020 when Kevin gradually made a shift into going full force into creating broadcasts related to relationships, particularly romantic relationships between black men and women.

He started to gain traction, with videos that were hot topics with catchy titles, like “Why Derrick Jaxn Can’t Save 40+ Year Old Women”, which is currently over 100k views on his YouTube page.

Derrick Jackson, a popular Youtuber and online influencer, has been criticized by many, particularly (black) men, for coddling women by sugar coating the reality of their value and required effort within the dating market. Many of his critics essentially say that he ineffectively tells woman what they want to hear.

Samuels, came up big again with a broadcast titled, “Men Are the Prize”, where he addressed the online commotion between black men and women around the Instagram post of a young black college grad that deemed himself highly valuable due to his academic achievements.

The young man who had graduated from law school with two degrees, received a lot of criticism on the internet, mostly from black women, after he declared him self to be ‘the prize’, saying that his status as a degreed black man made him more valuable to black women than most other black men on the dating market.

One of the main hypocrisies that Samuels pointed out during the broadcast, was the way that black women typically lead with their academic achievements and money when determining their value on the dating market, and ironically seemed to be outraged when the young black grad said the same about himself when he graduated from law school.

During the broadcast Samuels insists that men typically do not value the academics and finances of a woman the way a woman does with a man, and that women obtaining those types of achievements do not make them equally valuable to the men that have also obtained those achievements.

Having led a singles ministry in his church, Samuels is not new to helping others deal with interdependency and relationships. He eventually started doing 5 shows a week (sometimes 6), that sometimes lasts up to 3 hours long. He gradually began to shake up the online dating industry on YouTube one video at a time.

Kevin’s videos ranges from topics about the modern men who can provide the financial stability and lifestyle that most modern women say they want and desire, to what it is that those same women will be willing to do to be able to get the type of man that they want and desire.

One of the biggest things Samuels stresses to his callers, who are mostly black women, is to be realistic about their dating standards that can lead to marriage prospects.

He often expresses that many black women too often expect to get the top percent of men in the nation, regardless of how bad the flaws that can make them unattractive to their potential partners are. He tells it how it is, when it comes to realistic compatibility and expectations when it comes to the mating and dating that can lead to long term relationships and ultimately marriage.

Samuels’ points out that if black women had less superficial perspectives and selfish personas while being content with not having the ‘the highest value men’ if they don’t qualify for them, there would be more black couples and relationships that could lead to marriages that work.

Although he gets his fair share of criticism, Samuels likes to points out the positive feedback that he gets from the women that understands and receives the message that he delivers on his broadcast. “So many times, I get (Instagram) dm’s, emails and messages, of women, black women that say, your delivery was harsh, but I thank you for the message, I needed to hear that.”. Despite the criticism he receives, Samuels also gets a lot of high praise from the black community and beyond.

When it comes to his broadcasts, Samuels says that he creates the content that men say that they want, and that women say they need. He often states that his aim is to help (black) men become the best version of themselves. To become confident, intelligent and assertive, which he has nicknamed them to be CIA men, and to help the woman become what he calls FBI, feminine, beautiful and inspirational.

He believes that men and women making these improvements within themselves will help them feel better about themselves and increase the opportunities to end up having the life that makes them happy. “Some people want relationships, some people don’t but whatever it is, are you happy?” Are you enjoying life? That’s the whole point.”, Kevin says in the opening commentary of one of his live streams.

Samuels’ popularity and subscribers count rises by the day as he relentlessly pushes out a show every day of the work-week, that touches on black couples and why it is they are out of touch with each other. His YouTube posts start off as live streams that averages about 3 – 5k viewers when he goes live, with about 15 to 20k more views adding to the view count just hours after the live stream ends.

Ultimately, his posts are averaging over 100k views after being up for just a few days. He allows his viewers to comment during his live streams but not without restriction. Having moderators that help him monitor the comments in the comment section of each live stream, people who are caught making any type of disrespectful or disparaging comments are put on timeout and sometimes blocked by Kevin and his crew.

The 51 year old businessman who is sometimes referred to as the ‘Godfather’ by himself and some of his followers, typically begins his show at about 10:15 pm on the weekdays from Monday to Friday. A compilation of smooth jazz and hip hop is played in the beginning of the live stream for about 15 min before Samuels gets into the shows opening commentary.

After an introduction to the content of the show, where Kevin typically gives his opinions, perspective and knowledge of the shows topic, he’ll ask the viewers a few questions, and gives his 2 cents and some advice pertaining to the shows topic. This process lasts for about 20 min, before he allows the live streamers to call in via zoom to ask questions, get advice, or give input on the topic at hand. Then the fun and the realness begins.

There’s never any predictability of how a phone call will turn out on Kevin’s live stream. Some callers have cried, some have been cursed out, or tried to do the cursing out, and some callers have even went viral during their difference in opinions with Samuels. But most callers will usually have a genuine back and forth dialogue that has helped them gain clarity on things like, interdependency, relationships, self awareness and the prospects of marriage.

The topics of Samuels shows as of lately, have typically been centered around how black women can get the high value men that most women in modern society desire. And not only be able date these men, but to have them consider the women as prospects for long term relationships leading into marriage in the near future.

The callers who are mostly black women from their 20’s to their 40’s usually call in to get feedback on the possibility of them qualifying for a high value man based on their looks, past relationships and other qualifying factors like their character traits and their ability to be compatible with the men that they want.

A lot of Samuels’ content is based around the conflicts that black men and black women have been having with each other for over half of a century. Why can’t black men and women get along and have relationships? Why do black women feel so attacked whenever they are given constructive criticism? Why have both sides become frustrated with the other to the point where they’d rather opt to date outside of their race or just be alone?

One reoccurring theme with Kevin’s content is that he points out how black women tend to be selfish about what it is that they want out of a relationship, while being less concerned about what their black men want. He occasionally asks the question, “What do the men that you say you want, want?”.

Some of Samuels’ critics who are not avid recipients of his assertive style of holding women accountable for their part in making a relationship work, have questioned why it is that he doesn’t have the same requirements for men.

He’s responded to that by pointing out that society and mainstream media have been scolding and instructing men for over 30 years on what their responsibilities are pertaining to relationships, the household and society in general, while turning a blind eye on the women’s part of what it is they have to do to allow relationships and families to work.

Older content on his YouTube channel along with conversations that he’s had with his male callers, suggest that Samuels is in fact just as assertive with men as he is with women, when it comes to holding men accountable about doing their part.

It seems that Samuels has come to the conclusion that we’re at a moment in time where it is important to help women understand that their roles and responsibilities towards relationships are equally if not more important than the men’s responsibilities are. Furthermore, Samuels’ shows constantly exposes the fact that so many modern women do not even realize what their roles are when looking to have a healthy relationship that can lead to marriage.

At the end of the day, Kevin Samuels supports having black couples, black family and black unity. At the end of one of his broadcasts he ended the show with the sentiment, “Without black couples, we can’t have black nothing”, which is one of the mottos that you’d occasionally hear during his live streams. He affectionately added, “Without solid black men and beautiful black women, we are stuck. We got to get unstuck”.

Samuels’ occasionally points out that coddling advice given to women, particularly black women from influencers like Derrick Jackson and Steve Harvey are doing more harm than good for relationships within the black community.

Influencers like Derrick Jackson and Christelyn Karazin have been criticized and accused of strategically giving misleading advice to single women so they can profit from selling products and services like books, courses and consultations to women. Their critics continuously say that women would no longer be valuable to the misleading influencers if they were in healthy relationships.

Samuels occasionally points out the fact that there are conversations that need to be had within the black community, with focus on what needs to be done for black women and black men to get along, mate, date, create families and move on with life.

He says that his channel is not just about black women being able to get high value black men, but is also geared towards helping everyone get more realistic outcomes with their relationships. One important factor that he points out though, is that it’s completely fine for women to have standards and preferences, but it should be understood and respected that men are allowed to have standards and preferences also.

He stresses how it’s damaging for dating coaches to irresponsibly tell black women what they want to hear, giving them the indication that they can do no wrong and have nothing to change and work on, when mating with and dating their male counterparts. Samuels stresses how much relationships are needed in todays society especially in the black community.

Samuels’ has been met with constant criticism on things like his delivery at times when speaking with his callers, and his alleged disdain for women, particularly black women among other things. His critics, who are mostly every day black women, and black female content creators on platforms like YouTube, have commonly labeled him a misogynist. Many of them claim to know that he’s been hurt in the past, and is alleging that he is getting his revenge on the women that have hurt him by teaching other men to devalue black women. Others have resorted to calling him gay, and has also down talked him for creating a business around the internet, saying that he’s just a YouTuber.

Samuels’ is consistent with the notion that he isn’t affected by what his critics have to say, citing that he can’t be affected by opinions of people that do not know him. He consistently invites his detractors to call into his show, and even invites opposing content creators to email him to schedule an appearance on his show, if they feel like they want to challenge his opinion and perspective live on the air.

A series of Youtubers have made reaction and response videos towards Samuels’ unapologetic style of giving dating and Samuels’ understands that this is mostly done due to him and his content being a hot topic, and content creators are looking to capitalize by garnering traffic to themselves and their platforms.

Samuels’ has been vocal about not feeding into his haters or anyone that has criticism that’s not willing to come on his platform and talk out their differences as grown adults. “I don’t beef”, he’s said during a few of his live streams. “But if you want to come onto my show, you’re more than welcomed.” Samuels welcomes his detractors to call into his show on certain nights that he’s loosely labeled, ‘The Free Smoke Show’, where you can call in and voice your objections if you have a difference of opinion.

Samuels’ most recent viral video has garnered the most immediate attention that the businessman has amassed on his platform since he’s been giving advice on relationships. WorldstarHipHop posted a 7 min clip of Samuels giving advice to a 35 yr old single black mother who said she ran a 6 figure small business, and wanted a man that made more more money that her, that would be willing to provide for her and marry her.

During the clip Samuels told the woman that she is not qualified to get the 6 figure man that she desires, and because she is not willing to date a man that makes less money, she is the type of woman that dies alone. The clip which was the part of a 25 min dialogue from one of Samuels’ live streams caused a ruckus in the online world.

Content creators and everyday people from Youtube to Instagram and Facebook were posting the viral clip and making reaction videos to it. A great deal of black women that have different views, along with content creators that give different advice than Samuels on relationships, voiced their strong disagreements with the clip.

The caller, when asked to give herself a 1 to 10 rating on her face without using a 7, had admitted to being a 5 in the face, and wanted to know how to get a 6 figure man to date her on a serious level. Samuels offered his advice to consider dating a man that is not as financially successful as the type of man that she was looking for, explaining that the man of that caliber does not tend to want to seriously date and marry older women who are average with kids.

The viral clip, helped boost Samuels’ popularity, having his Instagram followers jump from 15k to 125k followers in a matter of days. After taking a few days off from his usual broadcast, days after the most recent viral clip made its rounds on the internet, Samuels did his first weeks broadcast in the middle of the week on a Wednesday addressing the viral clip. As he becomes one of the most popular and spoken about influencers that’s shaking up the online dating coach industry one live stream at a a time, Samuels does not seem to be looking to slow down anytime soon.

Kevin Samuels’ YouTube page continues to grow through the pandemic as he consistently hosts back to back controversial but necessary shows on different topics from colorism and class to obesity.

Kevin Samuels’ live stream broadcast usually comes on his Youtube channel, every Monday through Friday starting at 10pm. His shows usually last about 2 to 3 hours long.


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