3 Things That Keep Women Single and Unmarried


It’s 2020, and we’re in the middle of a world pandemic, which is making it a little harder for men and women to find a compatible partner to consider having a healthy romantic relationship that could eventually turn into a successful and loving marriage. This reality seems to be even harsher for women who outnumber men in most cities.

Many women complain that they cannot find suitable men to partner and have a relationship with. There’s often a charge that there aren’t enough good men on the dating scene, or too many men are not willing to settle into a relationship, which is why most women say they choose to stay single.

Given the dynamic shift in the modern dating world, where you now have a lot more women who are out earning men, a sea of platforms and influencers that advise women to redirect their approach to dating by doing things like, date untraditionally by dating multiple men at once, and raise their standards higher until a man meets their higher expectations, people are starting to realize that it isn’t necessarily the men who are preventing the healthy relationships that can lead to marriage.

It’s important to point out, that similar to how women have been receiving dating advice for decades in the past, men are now receiving an abundance of information with the emergence of Youtube. There are thousands of videos online, on mating and dating, that are educating men on how to spot toxic partners and avoid being taken advantage of in unhealthy relationships.

Below we’ll touch on 5 different instances that are keeping women single, and making men unwilling to marry these women.

Unrealistic Dating Standards

Many modern women have a list of requirements that they want a potential partner to meet. Although it is certainly the right of every person to have standards for the type of person they want to mate and date, it seems that too many modern women have unrealistic standards.

Modern women nowadays claim that they choose to be single because of the lack of quality men in the dating market, when in reality, they’ve chosen to stay single or are unwilling to commit and cooperate with men in their relationships because they don’t have the caliber of man that they really want trying to marry them.

Instead of dating a regular guy that has a regular job, more and more modern women now require a man to have a high six figure salary, the best of looks, charm, physique, exciting and expensive lifestyle and tolerance to whatever attitude or character flaws that she has, and she will not be willing to commit to a man unless he possesses these qualities and assets.

One of the biggest issues with the women that have these standards, is that too many of them can hardly provide the equal amount of value to the man that they’re requiring the world from. Many women think that they’re education or their looks is enough to allow them to command getting top notch men.

Unlike past generations, when women were more realistic about their looks, what they brought to the table and what’s available to them as options, modern women selfishly aim to have it all. Some will avoid the men that do not meet their exaggerated expectations, or prefer to sabotage and end the relationships that they do have, so they can go and explore other options that can possibly satisfy the needs that their current partner could not.

An important aspect of why women cannot get the type of men that they want, is the fact that many of them do not understand what it is the man that they want, wants and needs from them as a woman. Too many women are not good with compromise, and are mostly concerned about their own needs being met, while being a lot less concerned about what it is the man wants and needs to make the relationship work for him. This works to the woman’s disadvantage, because a man will not choose to be with a woman long-term or for marriage if his own wants and needs aren’t being met.

Women’s unrealistic dating standards are essentially keeping them single.

Getting Bad Advice

With the emergence of dating coaches on Youtube and the internet, many women are getting misleading dating advice that is hurting them more than it’s helping them.

Modern women dating coaches and influencers, persistently encourage women to do things like serial dating. Dating several men at once is a dating strategy that can cause a woman to remain indecisive in seeing one man seriously and monogamously, which will in turn send a signal to that man that she’s playing games. A woman who is trying to date multiple men at once is likely to neglect most, if not all of those men in one way or the other, which may eventually leave her with no options when things are all said and done.

When modern men that are relationship and marriage-minded, begin to notice the signs of a woman who may be taking advantage of them in any type way, they become far less likely to stick around and try to cultivate a relationship with that woman.

Aside from online dating coaches, women tend to get bad advice from a variety of other sources. It’s common for women to get bad advice from the single girlfriends, sisters, aunts or female cousins in their lives, who may not have much experience themselves with how to keep and treat a man. Or from an older family member who may have been scorn or have had troubled relationships in the past, inadvertently dishing out bad advice that instructs women to not be vulnerable with men; which is an approach that makes it very difficult to allow a healthy relationship to begin and flourish. More misleading advice can come from a male friend who may want to have sex with that woman, or is secretly in love with her.

Many women also get misleading dating advice from blog sites, social media post and statuses, videos, and memes that are posted online.

There are many sources that women get misleading advice from. A lot of bad advice is typically given with a motive that can benefit the person that is giving that advice. Like a dating coach that can be profitable from youtube views, book sales and other services and products that their single clients are commonly attracted to. A family member or a friend that understands that they’ll get more of the woman’s time, attention, energy and money if she doesn’t have a man or a husband. Other bad advice may be given from a family or friend that is misinformed themselves, and they unknowingly pass on the wrong information onto their loved ones.

It’s beneficial to women to be cautious of the spaces that they’re getting their dating advice from.

Lack of Transparency

A lack of transparency is an important concept that many women do not realize can be damaging to their relationships. Many women will argue the case that there are certain things, like allowing access to their cell phones, that are an invasion of privacy. But what it actually relays to men is that she basically has something to hide.

If your partner claims to be genuine and honest about fidelity and monogamy in a relationship, there shouldn’t be an issue with providing transparency with her phone. A lack of transparency from a partner is concerning to people that are aware of indications of future infidelity, because they understand that the attempt to conceal information, is more than likely information that will damage or end the relationship if found out.

When a man notices a women’s lack of transparency, that’s a red flag to him. He then understands that you are likely not being completely honest with him and he will act accordingly. He may allow the relationship to carry on until you break up with him or until he finds a better option if he doesn’t break up with you, but he more than likely has ruled out the idea of being with you long term if the issue of your lack of transparency is not resolved in some sort of way. Do not expect a man to want to marry you if he thinks that you are a dishonest partner.


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