Signs That a Man is Truly Ready to Commit


I would like to believe that one of every woman’s biggest fears is that she isn’t misled to believe that she’s in a healthy relationship with a man that actually doesn’t want to be in that relationship.

Women at times have a tendency to force men into relationships that they don’t want to be in, which is one of the worse things a woman can do to a man.

A man can feel a certain level of resentment for being forced into a relationship, and is likely to be disloyal to the woman in that relationship

When a woman is dating a man, and she gives him an immediate ultimatum to either enter into a committed relationship or she’ll walk away from him, she is likely forcing him to make a decision that he isn’t ready to make.

Even if he has a genuine attraction for that woman or has feelings for that woman, he may only agree to the relationship at that point because he doesn’t want to lose whatever perks that he enjoys from dealing with her.

A relationship that starts this way is likely to end in infidelity on the mans part.

A man should not be urged into getting into a committed relationship, he has to get to this point on his own. When a man is ready to commit, his whole approach from his actions to the things that he is telling you will make it clear that he’s ready.

He’s going to be consistent in the courting process. He’ll be willing to take you out at the appropriate times when the opportunity presents itself. He’ll be consistent and won’t disappear when it comes to communication, and he won’t take too long to let you know that he’s interested in being exclusive with you.

It usually takes a man about 3 to 6 months for him to know if he wants to be with a woman long term or if he’s just going to be taking advantage of the perks of being with you until one of you guys break it off. And men are territorial, when we want something we’re assertive in taking the steps to make sure that we get what we want.

6 months to a year is usually enough time for a man to know how he truly feels about a woman. By this time, if he’s truly into you there will be plenty of clarity provided to the woman about the fact that he is ready to commit. He’s very intentional on letting you know that he wants to spend time with you and see you exclusively.

In essence, when a man is ready to commit to a woman, there won’t be much confusion about the fact that he’s ready to be exclusive and monogamous with that woman. He’ll be at a point where he’s made the inner-decision that he is mentally invested in you.

He’ll want to make plans for the future, and will be clear about his intentions on progressing what he has with you to the next level. At that point it’ll be up to the woman to make the choice and show that she herself is ready for a committed relationship.

An important factor in all of this are the actions of the woman. Many women make the mistake of thinking that just being beautiful, sweet, smart and present is enough to make a man want to commit to them, and don’t realize that they have to do the work themselves that’s necessary to make a man want to commit to.

Men are very observant and vigilant of the way that a women treats them and other people. And we’re not just paying attention for that particular moment, we’re evaluating how we think you’ll end up treating us in the future.

When all of these things come together for a man, it’s used to provide clarity for himself, and helps him make the best decision on whether or not to choose to be with the woman that he’s dealing with.


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