Is She Using Me? 6 Signs She Is!


Nowadays with so much game being taught to women, and games being played by women, it can be hard for some men to tell if a girl is using you or not.

Many women have a natural ability to hide their true intentions and feelings and still carry on with being in a relationship or dealing with a man, even if their feelings about that man are not genuine.

Women can be very manipulative, and it’s important to know how to weed out these types of women so you can kick them out of your life.

Here are some signs that will help you identify if a girl is using you.

You Have to Pay For Everything

Of course when courting or dating a woman it’s expected for the man to pay for dates. But a woman that you’ve been starting to see consistently that never makes an attempt to pay for anything on a date is a red flag.

If her focus is only to constantly have you take her out while she’s spending up all of your money, especially at expensive restaurants and functions, and doesn’t even seem grateful about the money being spent on her she’s probably just using you for dates.

Does she always want you to take her out and spend up all her money? Does she always want to go to the most expensive restaurants and functions? Is there a lack of gratitude on her part while you’re doing these things? Chances are she’s using you.

If you’ve been dating or courting a woman for months in and months out, spending your time and money on dates and such and she still hasn’t allowed sex to happen, she’s more than likely looking at you as the sucker or nice guy who she can get to spend his money on her.

This doesn’t just apply to specifically going out on dates, but for any activity that may involve spending money like buying small gifts for a birthday or a holiday or just hanging out in general. When in doubt, follow the money. A women that is not willing to spend her money on you is not that really into you.

She Avoids Serious Conversations

A woman that doesn’t want to talk about serious topics while you’re getting to know her is also red flag.

If she avoids the very things that a person would want to talk about to move along the process of eventually being exclusive, like her past relationships, her emotions and feelings about you and the state of the relationship, family, and friends, there’s probably something up.

Her making excuses as to why she can’t have those conversations, are just that excuses. She may be using you as a rebound and still have feelings for an ex, is more interested in another guy, or is just simply not really into you and using you as a placeholder or a pastime while dealing with you.

Unless you’re just dealing with her for a good time and not a long time, it’d probably be best to step away from her and the situation if you can’t have those conversations in an effortless manner.

It’s All About What She Wants

A woman that’s mainly focused on what’s pleasing and convenient for her, is simply a selfish woman that is basically showing you that she doesn’t really care about you.

If she was really interested in you, she’d at least make an attempt to be invested in doing some of the things that you are interested in, and enjoy doing.

If she hasn’t shown any initiative in doing things that you like, challenge your woman to plan out an activity for the two of you based on particular interests that you have and pay attention to how she responds.

A woman that is only concerned about what pleases her and what she can gain from the situation will expose herself as long as you’re observant of her and her patterns when dealing with you.

Be intent on picking out locations of dates and outings to your liking and see how concerned and insistent she is with trying to change the plans to her liking. If she tries to alter the plans that you’ve made around what you want to do, let her know respectfully, that the plans will remain as you planned them or there won’t be a date or an outing at all and see how she reacts to this.

If she refuses to agree to what you want to do, that’s a good sign that she’s not there to enjoy spending time with you, but is there to spend your money on whatever it is that she wants to do.

She Doesn’t Know Much About You

A woman that’s really into you will remember the things that matter and pay attention to detail to things that are important to you.

If at different periods of times, the girl that you’re dealing with cannot repeat to you things about yourself that you’ve told her in the past, it’s probably because she’s not really eager to get to know you and is only pretending to be engaged.

Don’t be afraid to challenge her knowledge of how well she knows things from conversations in the past that you think she should know, like how many siblings that you have. You want her to expose if she’s been paying attention to you or not, because if she hasn’t, it’s probably because she doesn’t care much about you, and is signaling that she may be using you.

She’s Show’s a Lack of Interest

A lot of guys are mislead to think that it’s ok to continuously pursue a girl if she’s playing hard to get, because that’s just the way that women are and you should put in relentless effort until you get her.

While a man should be assertive, to an extent, when courting and dating a woman as he’s looking to attract her, pursuing a woman that constantly shows disinterest is counterproductive.

If she avoids talking about her feelings or emotions, seems mentally disengaged during conversations, and have dismissive body language while out on dates, like being on the phone most of the time that you’re together, these are all signs that she’s uninterested.

Women that show a lack of interest, are just simply uninterested. When a girl likes you, it won’t take long for her to warm up to you and she’ll actually make it easier for you to get with her, presuming that you’ve made the right moves up to that point while dating her.

A woman that’s slow to text you back, if at all. Never initiates conversations or make any type of initiative to deal with you, is not really into you. So as this behavior continues and you’re still willingly taking her out, paying for dates and calling and texting her, she’s likely just using you for your attention, validation or money.

She Only Wants Sex

This might be a plus for some men, but for others that actually want a relationship with the girl that he’s seeing, a woman only wanting sex can be insulting and is another sign that she’s just using you.

If she’s only contacts you for sex, never wants to spend the night, and refuses to have intimate conversations after sex, she’s likely not interested in being with you outside of sex.

If you want to be in a healthy relationship with a quality girl, it would be in your best interest to make sure that she isn’t showing the signs that I’ve mentioned in this article.

Invest your time, heart, effort, energy, money and resources in a woman that’s going to give you the same type of effort that you’re giving her.


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